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BLT-8 Dovetail Flex-O-Lok® Anchor Anchors & Ties: Masonry to Concrete 12 Ashbridge Circle | Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 3R5, Canada ... Blok-Lok is not responsible for incompatibity if ties or slots are interchanged with those of other manufacturers. BLT-8 BLT-8 Flex-O-Lok® Tie is a flexible tie for tying masonry to concrete with a dovetail slot ...

Masonry Ties Masonry ties serve 3 main purposes: provide a sound connection, transfer lateral loads, and toAdjustable ties for steel, concrete, and stud backup commonly have a channel or slot attaching toDovetail Anchor – Are most commonly used in applications where the inner wall is concrete with the... Dovetail Anchor Slots - Page 1 Dovetail Anchor Slots come in standard 26 gauge, mil galvanized finish in 10’ lengths.Buy Precast Supplies, Lifting Anchors, Coil and Ferrule Inserts, Chamfer, Coil Bolts, Nuts and Rod, Reinforcing Fibers, Magnetic Solutions, Prestressing and Post-Tensioning Needs, Chemicals and more! Dovetail Triangular Tie 2102 | WIRE-BOND

The dovetail at the end of the tie fits into the 305 Dovetail Slot, which comes in 10' lengths and is attached inside of the concrete backup. The hole in the middle of the dovetail also allows the 315 Flexible Dovetail Brick Tie to screwed into the concrete backup if the 305 Dovetail Slot is not being used.

Anchors, connectors and fasteners. By Paul Curtis. Masonry anchors and ties are to be designed and installed based on the Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures (TMS 402-11/ACI 530-11/ASCE 5-11).In this article we will look at code compliant anchors for both masonry walls and for brick veneers. Heckmann Building Products Inc. - A. Masonry veneer anchors and ties. B. Stone veneer anchors and ties. C. Masonry accessories. 1.2 RELATED SECTIONS A. Section 04810 - Unit Masonry Assemblies. ... Dovetail Anchor Slot: Nail filler side down to concrete forms. Nails should be placed every 12 inches (305 mm). Space Slots [vertically][horizontally] every Dovetail Slots For Applications Different Anchors | Lat ... BL305 Dovetail Anchor Slot 26G Mill Galv 8Ft – Dovetail Slots For Masonry Anchors Typical spacing is 16″ (406 mm) o.c. Available in mill galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, or stainless steel. This allows wire, tie and anchor nto function as a single unit attached to the backup.

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Concrete Masonry Details - Angelus Block Details for Concrete Masonry. (Courtesy of the Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada). A variety ... Dovetail Slot-type Anchor in Concrete Wall ... Masonry Supplies - SPDI - Superior Products Dist., Inc. - CT's Source ...

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Use a minimum of 2 fasteners per channel or dovetail slot, and a maximum fastener spacing of 1 foot, to attach channels or slots to a wall. Position the anchoring hardware as per the following maximum spacing, or as approved by the Engineer: Dovetail slots or channels – 2 foot horizontally Anchors – 1 foot vertically and 2 foot horizontally 315-BT - Flexible Dovetail Brick Tie - OBERFIELDS LLC Dovetail Anchors, Slots & Ties 315 - Flexible Dovetail Brick Tie 315 Flexible Dovetail Brick Tie permits horizontal and vertical movement of the masonry wall while, restraining tension and compres-sion. MATERIAL CONFORMANCE Wire (Carbon Steel): Prefabricated from cold-drawn steel wire conforming to ASTM A1064/A1064M

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Building Weather-Resistant Masonry Walls. In order to be competitive in today's marketplaceSealant with back-up md and expansion gop Dovetail anchors wh wall spons vertically Compressible filler w.with sialant bead Sill projects beyond face of wall, include a drip slot and upstands at ends to... Dovetail Connections - Construction English Here's a dovetail masonry anchor. Dovetail refers to the shape. A dove is a bird- you can see the shape of its tail here: You can see these concrete inserts are shaped like a dove's tail. The dovetail insert receives a variety of different anchors. Wood Dovetails! Dovetail Anchors, Slots & Ties Dovetail Anchors, Slots & Ties. 303 - Corrugated Dovetail Brick Tie. Drawings for illustrative purposes only. 303 Corrugated Dovetail Brick Tie for anchoring masonry to concrete with 305 Dovetail Slot. Dovetail Slot for Masonry Veneer - Structural engineering…

Specifications | Masonry | Concrete Specifications - Ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online. License Ct Gotta Masonry | Lat Works Construction Inc. The license grants the licensee the permission to be engaged in some activity. We use top quality products and we have highly skilled and trained professionals