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OK, that's enough...Poker is NOT a sport!!! | AnandTech ... OK, that's enough...Poker is NOT a sport!!! Page 2 - Seeking answers? Join the AnandTech community: where nearly half-a-million members share solutions and discuss the latest tech. IS POKER A SPORT? - Poker - Gambling - Page 1 - Forums ... Is poker a sport? It's a game with competition that requires skill and the best players become professionals and make a lot of money. Sure sounds like a sport to me. It seems like anything that involves risking your money is not considered a sport. Maybe you could argue that poker is not physical, therefore shouldn't be called a sport.

Before I attempt to answer that question, here's another one: What difference does it make? A couple of times in the past few weeks, Tony Kornheiser of "Pardon The Interruption" has questioned whether the current poker boom will have legs. Kornheiser obviously believes it will not, based on the

Not Just a Card Game, Poker Gradually Becoming a Sport in ... And this is why chess champion Viswanathan Anand has also joined us to show that poker is a mind sport, not just a game of luck but also skill. The roadblocks we have faced is to convince people ... Is pool a sport or a game? | Notes and Queries | The next thing people will say is that Poker is a sport. Get real people these are games and not sports. If chess is a sport what about Ludo or Monopoly? I agree they are skilful past times, but ... Online Sports Betting & Live Betting Odds at is the leading sports betting sites in the industry bringing you the best odds for betting on American sports online. Free Online Poker USA - No Download Texas Holdem Poker

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Not shocking that poker has so many devoted followers though it is likely one of the oldest card video games ever. IS Poker A Sport? This is not a proper survey that collects accurate data. However, it does give a trend. Today, only 10% of people believe it’s a sport.

No "jason jones", you do not become good at poker by being a "con, cheat, liar, or worse." You become good at poker by understanding how the numbers work, and then by being better at understanding human nature than the other players, and then by having the courage to make proper decisions based said understandings.

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Poker was not included in the original list of legislatively banned activities, but a simple change-of-heart by a bureaucrat led to its addition to the list in 2010.That's the way things remained until August 2018 when the Ministry of Youth and Sport published a new list of recognized sports, which included poker. Is Poker a Sport or Just Entertainment? Poker is certainly not a conventional sport that involves high levels of physical fitness but it certainly requires talent, skill and a certain focus that needs to be nurtured just like any athletic ability would need to be developed. It is a challenging game to learn with sporting elements associated with it. Is Poker a Sport, or Not? While the argument of whether poker is a game of chance or skill has been debated for as long as one can remember, it is not quite everyday that you will hear people debating whether poker is a sport or not. I came across a British guy’s perspective on this topic. Is poker a sport? - General Discussion - Off-Topic... - Wizard…